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Marshall Bruce Mathers III knоwn by his primary stage name Eminem, оr by his alter ego Slim Shady, is оn American rapper, record producer and actor. Eminem quickly gained popularity in 1999 with his major-labеl debut album The Slim Shady LP, which wоn а Grammy Award for Best Rap Album. The following album, The Marshall Mathers LP, became thе fastest-selling hip hop album in history. It brought Eminem increased popularity, including his оwn record label, Shady Records, аnd brought his group project D12 to mainstream recognition. In 2002, he won the Academy Award for Best Original Song for Lose Yourself from the film 8 Mile, in which he also played the lead. Eminem hаs sold more thаn 80 million albums worldwide tо date аnd is one оf the best-selling music artists in the world.

Eminem is 42 years old

Date of Birth
October 17, 1972 in Kansas City, Missouri, USA

Birth Name
Marshall Bruce Mathers III

Slim Shady


Eminem Website: www.eminem.com

Eminem in IMDB: Eminem info

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15 Responses to Eminem

  1. lauren says:

    omg ur 39 yrs old i just did the math im 11 turnin 12 and my b day is 11/2/1999 ur oct.17

  2. Rachael says:

    Wow….dude i did NOT think he was 39, i mean i thought he was like 30 or some shit. hmm….interesting, and Lauren not to be a troll or anything, but what?! AND why would we care if an 11 year old is…wait…why is an eleven year old even listening to eminem? it really cant be healthy for the human phyche…(even if i have been listening to him since i was like 7, and yes im only 15 now. just saying im a huge fan, and its probably damaged my phyche)

    • ellie says:

      i love Eminem so much I am a massive fan OF HIM I have ALL OF HIS ALBUMS I love him and I am 12 just sayi9ng oh and Eminem I love you and I love the movie that your in 8 mile and I love you songs my fav is beautiful pain

  3. Brandon says:

    Ive been listening to eminem since i can remember and ever since I turned 13 ive been rapping and now im 15 about to be 16. He is my idol and im a really big fan.

  4. Robert Shippee III says:

    yo man was up im like one of your biggest fans. i cant believe the stuff you produce. i would just like to thank you for inspiring me to not give up on my dreams even if my parents dont agree with me. your like my idol man. dont stop producing i believe in you

  5. Trent says:

    Dude i an a big fan of em yo you inspire me to rap and i wont give up….. My life is like yours…. Exactly like it… But my parents say i will never make it and i shouldnt follow my dream but i be g to differ … Dont stop producing

  6. Trinity says:

    OMG i didnt no tht u waz 40 u look alot younger … im a really big fan of u an ur music… i love the movie 8 mile its my favorite movie… i cant wait for the tickets for the new song Slance to come out im probably gonna buy the tickets im 13 years old an i really love ur music an ive always wanted to meet u !!

  7. Camden says:

    40 years old and counting. Damn. I started listening to you when I was practically born. Thank my parents for that one. You helped me grow up. Like damn. Thought you were early 30s that shits insane.

  8. Melfina Coen says:

    Please don’t let things get to you too much. It does make me sad to think that you are going though difficult times. No one really knows who we are but ourselves.
    Peace, man.

    -Monstruo del Cafè
    [Melfina Coen, the Coffee Monster]

  9. Jasper says:

    I didn’t know u were 40 thought u were 34 but you are still my idol don’t stop making new stuff I’m your number one fan I’ve lisind to like all your songs.

  10. Andrew says:

    Well, 20 years old hear and remember listening to him first when I was 8. Now he is gonna be 40… He has come a long ways and will always be on top when it comes to other white rappers.. New and old.

  11. Marshall says:

    Wow …you look very young dude….keep airing you music I am In love with it….

  12. jodie lauren says:

    Hello people think they are big fans but until u know why he has rote the songs u listen to.. I learnt to sing stan when I was 3/4 I have love u since I was a baby I am now 15 so iv been rapping and spitting lyrics for 13 years.. eminem is my idol and I can actually say I am his biggest fan xox

  13. kelsey says:

    Love you! Been listening to you since you became famous. You are such an awesome person. All your songs have a great message id you really listen to them. And all you little kids can’t say you are biggest fans when you haven’t been alive long enough to watch his career grow

  14. Laughing Mc. Gee says:

    Kids are so funny! I’m glad Internet wasn’t around when I was young. Eminem is the greatest gay rapper ever. Everyone knows.

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